"Forgive him already.  What’s done is done," the small wisps echoed softly in her ear.  Merida sighed.

"I chose this.  I chose this but…I feel like he’s taken away my freedom.  I’m a prisoner here."  She rapped a shackled hand against the window pane and grimaced at the sight.  The beat of her heart started to pick up and her breathing started to thin and waver.  "He said that I’m free to do what I please on this ship."  She inhaled deeply and exhaled shakily, "I-I..can even leave on the next port.  There are no chains anymore…"  She closed her eyes and breathed slowly to calm the rising panic in her.  No sooner when her heart began to lull into a calm did she feel the warm pulsing buzz on both her wrists.

"But, I feel them.  These are magic.  I’ll never be free of them."

"Are you not free though?"  They questioned in unison. "We do not understand."

She looked at them uncertainly.

"You wanted freedom from being the crown princess.  He has given it to you."

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